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Mobile video: why it's important and who is winning

by Riccardo Webb on 26 July 2012

Mobile video. It’s big. And it’s very quickly getting bigger. The Next Web recently covered this Direct Sat TV study showing how mobile video views are ballooning, with tablets consuming over 36 minutes each week. Social media plus mobile plus video: surely no-one can be surprised that this cocktail is slipping down a treat. Here’s a nice infographic to show how the trend has grown.

But what can you do with that knowledge? Do you find it exciting or inspiring, or frankly confusing and depressing (what, another thing I have to understand, plan for, adapt to…?) Either way, we’ve put together a quick presentation to help demystify the trend. We’ve focused on Viddy and Socialcam as the two dominant social video platforms, and offered a few opinions at the end about the scope and importance of mobile video, and which of the two platforms we think is winning out.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the growing trend of mobile video, and who you think is going to be the dominant force by the end of 2012.


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