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On Monday, Jo made a rousing case for the power of words to engage people in social. Well tomorrow Thursday 12th July from 7.30pm BST (12.30pm EST) we’d like to explore the other side of the coin: how social photography is influencing the way in which brands tell stories. If you’re fascinated by Pinterest, confused by Instagram or addicted to Flickr, #CurveLive is for you!

We’ve been working with Getty Images to create #CurveLive, which will feature four short talks discussing the impact of social photography and digital sharing on campaigns and brands, followed by a Q&A. The event will be streamed live from The Hospital Club in London on the Getty Curve website, with the opportunity for the online audience to contribute to the discussion and ask questions to the speakers via the #CurveLive hashtag on Twitter.

If you are in London and would like to attend in person, please drop Getty a line at rsvp@gettyimages.com. If you would like to offer a question or comment before, during or after the event, please do so on Twitter using #CurveLive.


John O’Reilly: Editor of Varoom Magazine
Copywriter, editor and writer of visual trend reports. John has worked on campaigns and brand development for clients including Getty Images, Sony Playstation and the British Council. He has been a regular contributor on art, music and media for the London broadsheet newspapers, he is currently the Editor of Varoom Magazine.


Tom Messett: Global Editor in Chief of Social Media at Nokia
Tom is a digital native who has spent the last three years helping global brands explore the world of social media. Cutting his teeth in the social monitoring industry with Radian6, Tom is currently the Global Editor in Chief for Social Media at Nokia.

Richard Banks: Principal Interaction Designer at Microsoft Research
Richard Banks is an Interaction Designer in the Microsoft Research Socio-Digital Systems group, part of the Computer Mediated Living group in the Microsoft Research Cambridge facility. Richard has recently published a book ‘The Future of Looking Back’ which explores the changing role of memory, technology and images in our digitized lives.

Lee Coventry: Art Director at Getty Images
As a senior member of Getty Images creative content team, Lee is responsible for sourcing and creating imagery in line with customer demands and industry trends. From idea generation to mentoring photographers and managing shoots, Lee has extensive experience in delivery content that is both highly creative and commercially relevant.

Richard Gray: Teacher of the UK’s first iPhoneography course
Richard Gray was the UK’s first lecturer of mobile photography (at Kensington & Chelsea College). He’s spoken at conferences, written and blogs and is working on various mobile photography projects involving social media. He’s also a music photographer.

We hope to see you there – in person or virtually.

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