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How to stay aHead; Facebook IPO, apps, Color

by Eric Kramer on 21 May 2012

The world is a busy place. Here’s a round up of what you ‘need to know’.

Facebook IPO

As arguably the most celebrated IPO ever, Zuck & Co. finally rang the bell this past Friday and took his vision public. Don’t expect the media coverage to die down any time soon. The Wall Street Journal created a special Facebook Timeline and PandoDaily already wrote a 74 page book about it. Hard to say how this historic event will impact the direction of the company, but this had to happen eventually.


Paid Facebook Apps?

With all the talk about the IPO, Facebook has quietly announced a new App Center that could prove to be a rather significant addition for developers and brands. As it approaches a billion users, Facebook is using its power in numbers to undercut Apple’s App Store and Google Play. This centralized hub will be seeking to drive more growth of quality apps from the ratings of its users as opposed to previous attempts which leveraged algorithmic discovery. The support of paid apps makes this news even more interesting as it creates a new monetization stream. Clearly, this is one way for Facebook to ensure that developers keep their talent within its walls. As Chester Ng put it: A million apps aren’t cool. You know what’s cool? A BILLION apps.


Manufactured Serendipity

The hype of Highlight and the recently acquired Glancee may have helped to spark another wave of location-based discovery apps that seem to be popping up nearly every week. Each with their own slightly different spin, they must be able to provide instant gratification for users yet dance around the creepiness line. A few of the most recent I have come in contact with here in NYC are Friendthem and Pearescope.

If you’ve ever met someone new and left with an exchange of “Facebook me” then Friendthem may be relevant. It helps you to easily find that person and send them a friend request in a few seconds. The integration of LinkedIn and Twitter would make it much more appealing to me from a networking perspective.

Pearescope plays on the concept that a good way to meet new people is through friends-of-friends. After setting your “spotlight” to control the distance (in miles) to search within, you are able to “privately and securely” introduce yourself to people within your extended network. If you’re a shy person, this is probably not for you.


Color for Facebook?

Remember Color? The company that raised $41 million and couldn’t seem to find its way. Now on its third attempt, it just announced a partnership with Verizon that is no small feat. The app now gives users the ability to broadcast up to 30 seconds of live video and share it with the world. Even better, Color and Verizon Wireless teamed up with Saturday Night Live to facilitate an amazing experience for their viewers. Cast members and crew were streaming live backstage using the Color for Facebook app during this past week’s rehearsals and Saturday night’s finale. Talk about the ultimate product placement for an app seeking to obtain a critical mass of users in a crowded video space.

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