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Haye v Klitschko: The Infographic

by James Whatley on 04 July 2011

Last week, after getting all excited about this past weekend’s BIG FIGHT, I tasked our hardcore team of crack word of mouth analysts with monitoring and tracking all the social media buzz leading up to, during and after the main event.

Working tirelessly through the weekend (along with our creative team here internally and our design team at Lethal), they’ve just produced this awesome Haye vs. Klitschko online/offline infographic, check it out

[click to embiggen]

What do you think?

As an FYI, WOMTrak™ is 1000heads’ own bespoke word of mouth and social media monitoring tool that uses both technology and human analysis to produce these kinds of results for our clients day in, day out.

Give us a call to find out more.

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  • Anonymous


  • http://twitter.com/iamluca Luca Massaro

    Whatley you are my hero. (No Elton).

    I’ll get my comment in before Cashmore steals this and the comments section gets over run by sheep!Where’s the reference to the toe? :DGreat work guys.

  • http://theriverchurch.tv/ Scott Gould

    I want to get my hands on WOMTrak…

  • http://twitter.com/CloudNineRec Steve Ward


  • http://whatleydude.com James Whatley

    Have pitched Cashmore, let’s see if it flies 😉

    …and thanks man – we did actually have the toe in at one point but we cut it as it didn’t help with the story. I’ll share that part when I write up the ‘behind the scenes/making of’ post later this week.

  • http://whatleydude.com James Whatley

    I bet you do 😉

  • http://whatleydude.com James Whatley

    Thanks Steve, it’s appreciated.

  • http://zomgitscj.com/ Clinton Jeff

    Holy Moley!

  • http://mrpetruccio.blogspot.com Petro Nek

    Cool if you dont’t mind I made a translation into ukrainian and public in ukrainian blog about twitter http://twitter.in.ua/page/bij-klichko-proti-heja-cherez-prizmu-tvitera

  • http://whatleydude.com James Whatley

    Hey Petro, that’s AMAZING! 😀

    Great stuff.