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TNT's social media guidelines

by Molly Flatt on 12 May 2011

This week I headed to sunny Amsterdam to take part in Social Media in a Corporate Context, a conference organised by Communicate magazine and held in the awesome ex-newspaper building TrouwAmsterdam (which also has slightly terrifying toilets).


Me looking stern and talking communities with chair Andy Wood (Freestyle Interactive), Andrew Thomas (publisher of Communicate) and Keith Bennett (Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance)

I presented a keynote on effective authenticity and took part in a panel on community management, and there was lots to learn from the other speakers and attendees, who were from brands as diverse as Airbus, Lloyds and Greenpeace.

For me, one of the highlights was the panel discussion ‘Surviving the social media thunderstorm’, which considered the threats and challenges of social media for certain industries. Polly Markandya of Médicins Sans Frontieres was particularly eloquent on the challenge of managing social for a huge global enterprise with a small team, and Donald Steel spoke inspiringly about how the BBC approaches UGC with caution and rigour (I’ve written about the BBC World Service’s excellent approach to social before).

Another gem was Cecilia Scolaro from TNT presenting their social media guidelines. We often talk about the importance of a good policy – we create Social Manifestos for clients from Mars to Cancer Research UK – and we also flag up our favourites, such as Coca-Cola’s three page effort. TNT’s guidelines are a great addition, based on clarity and common sense; and, as Scolaro pointed out, they are based on two important assumptions (which are surprisingly rare):

  1. Social media are a good thing
  2. You can trust your staff

Best of all, they’ve been released under creative commons so brands can take them and tweak them for their own needs. Now what could be more social than that?

TNT Social Media Guidelines

If you like the sound of SMCC, Communicate are holding their London version of the conference on Thursday 2nd June.

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  • Andrew Thomas

    Glad you enjoyed the day Molly. We loved having you there, it was an excellent session – thank you for contributing.
    As the “Surviving the social media thunderstorm” session was your favourite, you might be pleased to hear that it will be repeated in London on June 2. We'd be happy to pass on a 10% discount to any of your clients or colleagues, as a way of saying thanks for such a great presentation in Amsterdam.

  • Molly Flatt

    My pleasure Andrew – it was a great event – and thanks for the discount, that's excellent news – we will pass it through the network :)