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The word of mouth industry

by Molly Flatt on 08 July 2010

As we’re celebrating the industry in this, our first week of birthday fun, we thought we’d better talk a bit about our view of said industry.

Word of mouth is an approach that crosses disciplinary boundaries and embraces all different specialisms. It doesn’t sit in social media, or digital, or even marketing, but reaches across all business departments – retail, R&D, packaging, customer service, HR – to bring joined-up consumer insight and people-focused strategy to the company as a whole.

We therefore feel very strongly that agencies and practitioners involved in word of mouth must work together, rather than compete, to mutually advance the industry. There’s plenty of room for all kinds of specialisms, tools and platforms, and they all need to come on board to make word of mouth work in an integrated way.

Of course, that’s not as easy as it sounds, but it’s our starting point with every client and campaign.

It’s why Molly is President of WOM UK and on the DMA Social Media Council, Jacqui is on the WOMMA Measurement and Metrics Board, and James and Tim sit on the IAB. It’s why we write a monthly column in AdMap and articles for a load of different sector publications and attend many other events and workshops (see Meet us @ on the sidebar for upcoming stuff) to keep ourselves accessible and curious and challenged.

It’s why we’ve also started publishing case studies about the work we do. Some of these, such as our Nokia E72 deck, V&A showreel and Nokia Nav video, simply tell the story of the campaign and why it worked. However, we’re also developing a ‘How to’ series demonstrating how to achieve specific business objectives using word of mouth techniques.

Here’s our first, about the campaign we did for Tourism New South Wales.

It’s a conversation starter. Let us know what you think and point us towards your own. We want to move the industry conversation forwards from why WOM is important to how it works best.

Join the debate…

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  • http://twitter.com/iamluca Luca Massaro

    Nice post and slide!

    If i could blog while im at work i would cut and paste the slide; but i cant.

    Nice work!


  • mollyflatt

    Thanks Luca – you can embed it later over a post-work beer 😉